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Bring Your Windows to Life Using Mannequins

Posted by Karina Diaz on May 25, 2018 3:10:32 PM
Karina Diaz
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Remember that 1987 romcom film where Kim Cattrall embodies "Emmy" a mannequin that comes to life only for her lover? I saw it as a kid and it certainly influenced my perception of mannequins as sort of magical beings.

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Although we all know that such things can only exists in works of fiction, that "magical" air can still be achieved with a creative display. Ask the great retailers on NY's 5th avenue, their iconic windows, specially during the holidays, drive hundreds of thousands onlookers everyday. On average Macy's displays drive 8,000 to 10,000 people an hour, pretty magical right? But you don't have to be a huge 5th ave retailer to attract crowds into your store, just grab the magic wand and get creative with these tips using mannequins to design beautiful windows.


The number one thing when working with mannequins is to understand that their main purpose is to attract attention, use them to display the hottest items in your collection, and place them in the most visible spots.


If you have multiple mannequins think about placing them strategically so that each piece can shine on its own. Your display must look balanced and coordinated, not cluttered.


Be creative when positioning groups of mannequins together, do it in a way that looks like they're interacting with each other.


Create interesting backdrops and textures using fabrics, paper, paint, and other props that correspond to your theme to create an interesting and fun display.


Fashion is about personality, think about your mannequins as a blank canvas ready to be painted with a unique identity that will make shoppers consider if this is who who they would like to be next.


Place mannequins near the merchandise which they are displaying, to make it easier for shoppers to find these products.


Think outside the box, even with unexpected everyday materials you can create fantastical landscapes, ask yourself "how do I want shoppers to feel in my store?"

That's it for today, I hope that this article helps you get inspired to design a striking display for your store. We are currently having a mannequin mega sale at United Store Fixtures so make sure to check that out and take advantage of these amazing prices!



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